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Alex Squatnire

Repair Your Roof Like a Pro

If roof repair tipsyou’re in Wilmington, NC and need Roof Repairs, there’s no better option than choosing a professional. If, however, you’re one of the do it yourselfers in town – you’ll be interested in completing home repairs and improvements all on your own.

Its a daunting task – repairing a roof. Much like any big home remodeling job it requires special knowledge, the right tools, and a detailed plan to guide you through. Fixing a roof might be best left to the pros, but this handy guide will show you the basics if you’re determined to fix if all on your own.

Accessing the Damage – A Personal Estimate

Before you get started on the repairs, you’ll need to determine what exactly needs repairs. What’s the extent of the damage? The approach to your repair will depend heavily upon if you’re dealing with:

  • Missing Shingles
  • Damaged Shingles
  • Truss Support Damage
  • Insulation Damage

In the case of support damage to the trusses of your home, you’ll be in need of a serious overhaul of a major portion of your roof. We recommend calling up your friend who owes you a big favor, putting on a big pot of coffee, and upgrading your round saw.

Minor shingle damage doesn’t call for nearly the level of expertise or skill that an entire roofing installation. You’ll just need a few hours, a sturdy hammer, and the right materials to complete the job. Of course get the shingles to match your roof, and also pick up some roofing tacks, nails, and paper – just in case the underside needs a little touching up.

Insulation replacement isn’t as difficult as you might think – simply a matter of some framework, placing the insulation, and buttoning everything up properly when you’re finished.

Developing a Plan

So, you understand what’s broken. Now its time to develop a solid plan to fix the issues.

If you’ve got truss damage: be generous with the time frame of your plan. Take into account days of ripping off shingles and making the proper cuts on the new wood. You’ll need time to complete the proper frame work, time to lay new paper, and time to of course hammer the new shingles into place.

Simple damages: for repairs, you won’t need as much time. Factor in smoke breaks, hammer time, and working the ladder back and forth. All in all it shouldn’t take you more than a Saturday – assuming you save the beers for after the completion of the project.

Get Busy With the Shingles

Now that you’ve got a plan, stick to it! Break out your ladder, hard helmet, and hammers – its going to be a long afternoon. Follow your plan as closely as you can to avoid complications. If you think you’re causing more damage than you’re repairing – or run into a major technical problem, don’t hesitate to call up a professional. There’s no shame in admitting you’re not the best at everything you try!

Home Improvement Starters Guide

Making thedo it yourself roofing job decision to raise your property’s value with some home improvement presents a hard case to argue against. Yes, there’s time and money involved. And yes, there’s of course some risks involved… But overall its a great idea. Your home will be more suited towards you, and you’ll have another point for the value of your home should you choose to sell.

Doing it Yourself

There’s always a trade off between time and money. If you spend more of one, you spend less of the other. Doing yourself obviously takes the most time and the least money – assuming you don’t screw up and cost yourself more money to fix the mistakes!

Deciding to take on a remodeling, roofing, or HVAC project yourself takes a bit of determination. You’ve got to see the project as an entire scope. Its not all fun! There’s ripping up carpets, smashing walls, painstakingly cutting tiles, and working the hammer to get shingles in. For some, this paradise of handy work provides a much needed break from the office. For others, its nothing but trouble and heartache.

Be honest with yourself before you undertake a home improvement project alone. Are you physically up to it? Do you have the proper tools and skills? The patience? and most importantly, the time. If you answered yes, you might be up to it! Just be sure to, at the very least, consult with a friend or family member who wouldn’t hesitate to steer you away from a bad idea.

Starting a Remodel Yourself

For those of us who want to play some role in the remodeling or other home improvement project, you can always start the project yourself and have a professional take over when the work becomes too much or you reach a point where professional skills become necessary.

This works great for hands on people wanting to learn more about how to manage a structure’s integrity and aesthetics themselves. If you’re after new tiles, lay the tiles you don’t have to cut yourself. If its roofing, consider tackling the entire project aside from the valleys and crests. There’s almost always some way you can start a project providing your physically able.

When you’ve run out of time, energy, or knowledge on how to continue, call up a local contractor to finish the job. If you’re lucky, you’ll hire someone friendly enough to narrate their work for you and further your skills!

Professional Contracting

For most home and business owners, hiring a contractor to finish their HVAC, roofing, or remodeling work proves to be the way to go. Most people don’t have the time to tackle this work themselves, so calling someone to complete the project provides the best chance of success. Its not as simple as signing on the dotted line, however. Hiring a contractor has its own obstacles!

Be sure to do your research on whoever you hire. Ensure they’re both properly licensed and insured to work on your property. Also double check their past work. Have they completed projects similar to yours? What price points did they consider in their estimate? There’s endless questions to follow up on while shopping for a contractor.

Your best bet? Call them up, invite them out, and here what they have to say. Face to face contact will establish rapport and confidence much more quickly than phone conversations or reading an online article.